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Do we deliver cakes?

 Yes, we deliver; it depends where and time.

Is there a cake delivery fee?

Yes, fee depends on where the cake venue is. 

Do we deliver food?

Yes, from the East River to Fifth Avenue from 125th street to 96th Street.

Do we take credit cards?

Yes we take major credit cards.

How far in advance must I put in an order for a birthday cake?

For a simple birthday cakes a week in advance is okay. However, Cake  sculptures require a good amount to time to make. A month in advance notice; give me your order early and you will get an amazing creation. 

Where do your designs comes from?

All designs are originals, we do not copy cakes. Here at CakeBurgers we feel that every customer should have their own original cakes for their celebrations. 

Can you make dummy cakes?

There are special circumstances where we do make dummy cakes for photo shoots and movie props. However, if you want a mixture of dummy cakes and real cakes for your event that is something you have to come in person to discuss.

Do you bake gluten free?

Since we are the new kids on the block the verdict is out on our demand for gluten free in this area. It's not to say we are not open to it hopefully in the future gluten free may be an option.

Do you offer sugar free bake goods?

Yes, we will have sugar free items sugar free turn overs and muffins. 

Do you have nut free baked good?

Yes, ask for it by name; Nut Free Goodies.